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Head office: 71A, Avenue 30/4, Thang Nhat Ward, Vung Tau City, Vietnam

Tel.: 84-254.3839871 Ext: 3372   Fax: 84-254.6257044



Marine transportation and diving services division was established on June 2nd, 1983.

Main Activity:

·      Manage and supply  fleet of vessels, provide subsea services to support offshore oil and gas production activities  in a timely and efficiently manner.
Capabilities and Facilities:

Marine Transportation and Diving Services Division has nearly 800 employees including 09 departments, the Diving Team with 56 highly-qualified divers, the maintenance workshops, the fleet of vessels, and the ROV Team.

The fleet of vessels is including:          

·      01 Derrick Barge with lifting capacity up to 1,200 tonnes
·      02 Pipe-laying Barges
·      13 AHTS with HP ranging from 1.128 – 16.000 BHP
·      02 Diving Support Vessels
·      01 Fire-fighting Vessel
·      03 Launching Barges and pontoon
·      01 Crew Vessel
·      01 Accommodation Barge

·     02 under water survey equipment (ROV) with working capacity at water depth of 1000m

The ROV Team is including:
·      01 Observation ROV
·      01 Work Class ROV
·      ISM Code
·      Quality Management Certificates: ISO 9001:2008
·      ISPS in accordance with International Marine and Port Security Law
Products – Services:
·      Supply of pipe-laying vessels;
·      Supply of crane barges and vessels to support construction, installation, and repair of offshore structures;
·      Supply of captain advisors, town masters, rig movers for maneuvering and moving of jack-up rigs, semisubmersible rigs, FSOs;
·      Supply of transportation barges for heavy jackets and other offshore facilities;
·      Supply of vessels to perform surveys and support to repair subsea sections; structures, mobile drilling rigs, and as well as FSO anchor dismantlement & installation;
·      Supply of towing tug for moving FSOs  and  mobile drilling rigs;
·      Supply of vessels to support of life rescue, firefighting for offshore facilities & structures, and oil spill response services;
·      Supply of vessels to support well testing and seismic survey activities;
·      Supporting crude oil offloading at FSOs (Pipe connecting, FSO static towing);
·      Transportation cargoes from onshore to offshore facilities and from offshore facilities to shore such as cargoes on deck, cementing pumps, fuels, fresh water, technical fresh water for offshore structures, and transportation of wastes and many other
·      Performance of subsea works such as inspection, surveying,  measurement, construction, mechanical assembly, maintenance, repair for offshore facilities ( including subsea survey by ROV)
·      Marine Search and rescue (SAR) and salvage services.

Along with the above services, the division also offers the following diving services:
·      ACFM inspection of weld joints  ;
·      Inspection of fixed platform, vessels and mobile offshore facilities;
·      Survey and  repair of subsea facilities;
·      General visual inspection
·      Maintenance of  PLEM (Pipeline End Manifold) ;
·      Wall thickness measurement using ultrasonic gauge Cugnus-1;
·      Corrosion potential (CP) measurement  ;
·      Magnetic  particle inspection  (MPI) of  weld;
·      Marine growth (MG) survey;
·      Detailed visual inspection (DVI) of  corrosion potential protection system of offshore facilities,
·      Subsea welding and cutting;
·      Sea bed survey and removing debris;
·      Subsea pipeline laying;
·      Under-water photography and video recording
Partner - Project:

​·      Launching, transportation, and installation Dai Hung -02 jacket;
·      Installation P1, P2 offshore facilities for Ministry of Defense;
·      Installation Te Giac Trang platform and FPSO Armada (HLJOC);
·      Installation RC4 and RCDM platform and pipe-laying for gas project Rong – Doi Moi;
·      Installation  E1A platform and Rang Dong platform for JVPC;
·      Installation Hai Thach – 01 Jacket for Bien Dong JOC;
·      Installation BK17 platform;
·      Installation BK Thiên Ưng Jacket;
·      Installation Su Tu Trang Jacket;
·      Installation P5, P6 offshore facilities for Ministry of Defense.