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Head office: 105 Leloi str., Thang Nhi Ward, Vung Tau City, Vietnam

Telephone: 84-254.3832383            Fax: 84-254.3832384

Main Activities

·     Management, operation, exploitation and maintenance of all gas compressor facilities operated by Vietsovpetro or be hired to operate for other clients safely and effectively.

·     Implementation of Vietsovpetro's plans on collecting, processing, and compressing gas those satisfy the technical requirements to provide gas-lift system for oil and gas exploitation and bring gas to ashore for fertilizer plant and oil industrialization from gas.

·     Research and development of gas resources, gas collection projects; complete engineering process and existing gas treatment technologies to maintain and expand production.

·     Provision of services for many other clients in the field of construction (EPC); operation and maintenance gas facilities; collecting, processing, compressing, operating and transporting gas and many other projects especially related to gas.

Capabilities and Facilities

·     More than 300 employees with high skilled level are managing and operating compressor platforms in White Tiger field.

·     Central Gas Compressor Platform with 06 gas compression module powered by gas turbines providing a total capacity of 10 million m3 of gas output/day at inlet pressure of 125 atm;

·     03 gas turbine generators with a total capacity of 9 MW;

·     Small Gas Compressor Platform with 04 gas compression module powered by an internal combustion engine providing  a total capacity of 1.5 million m3 gas output/day at inlet pressure of 100 atm;

·     Rong Field - Gas Compressor Platform with 01 low-pressure compressor providing  a total capacity of 0.5 million m3 gas output / day at pressure of 25 atm;

·     02 high-pressure compressor with a capacity of 1 million gas output m3/ day at pressure of 110 atm;

·     01 gas turbine generators with a total capacity of 2.8 MW;

The enterprise with over 20 year experiences in operating, repairing and maintenance equipment such as:

  •   Waukesha gas engine
  •   Solar gas turbine
  •   Nouvo pignone piston compressor
  •   Dresser-rand centrifugal compressor
  •   Solar centrifugal compressor
  •   Howden booster compressor
  •   Caterpillar diesel engine
  •   Different types of pumps and equipment to support gas processing technology
  •   Gas compression equipment by TEG


·     International certification organization: DNV (Det Norske Veritas) for the Centẻ Compressor Platform and Small Compressor Platform.

·     Certificate of quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 by DNV and is improving.

Products and services:

Operation and maintenance all compressor platforms with large capacity and specialized equipment:

·     Operate the entire gas compressor platform or operate exclusive systems on the gas compressor platform;

·     Implement installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning for the collection and processing gas systems, as well as the overall gas compressor platform;

·     Consult operation, maintenance and repair gas compressor platform driven and controlled by PLC program;

·     Operate, maintenance and repair (overhaul 30k, 40k, engine exchange, exchange bundle ...) gas turbines, gas compressor engine (centrifugal, piston,…), electrical systems (power station)

·     Maintenance and repair specialized technological equipment: air drying system using glycol TEG; pumps (piston, centrifugal,); valves used in the gas industry (Pig launcher, corrosion resistance, corrosion monitoring ...).

·     Training and organization of safety, air rescue.

Providing technical services in the gas industry:

Manage, organize and implement gas projects, field development, investment and construction gas facilities; upgrading and renovation of existing facilities; management EPCI contracts in the oil and gas industry;

•   Consult FS;

• Personnel training (on job training) for operation and maintenance, collection, processing and compressing gas to ashore;

•   Provide highly qualified personnel for gas turbine O & M, gas compressor;

•   Provide international certification services for oil and gas construction;

•   Pre -Commissioning, commissioning for gas collection and processing system.

Partner - Project:

• Contract "Turnkey" projects built and operated compressor rig Rong.

• Project low pressure gas gathering North White Tiger Dome.

• Expand the Center compressor rig CCPs (01 modules installed compressor capacity Train F with 1.75 million M3 / day, and auxiliary systems).

• Project fabrication and installation of Hai Su Trang PLEM pipeline - White Tiger

• Petroleum Contract Lot 04-3 Aquila mine - NCS in the search phase, exploration.

• The contract for oil and gas transportation company Gas Ursa - PVEP POC.

• Project system reformation North Dome gas input

• The project to expand gas gathering system expansion.

• The project installed by - pass pipe Dawn - White Tiger

• Project transformation and upgrading capacity Riser Block - CCP to 4 million m3 / day.​