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Head Office: No. 52 Street 30/4, Thang Nhat Ward, Vung Tau City, S.R. Vietnam

Telephone: 84.254.3839871  Ext. 8734/8714    Fax: 84.254.3839857 – 3465



Safety and Environment Protection Division was established on 1st October, 1988.


Main Activities:

    Organize, perform and supervise the safety management in the operation of Vietsovpetro in order to protect the company’s manpower, properties and protect the environment.

    Prevention activities: employ various methods to prevent the violation of HSSE policy, environment protection policy and the appearance of emergency incidents such as blowout, fire, oil spill, environmental pollution on onshore and offshore facilities during the operation of Vietsovpetro.

    Emergency Response and Rescue: perform the emergency response and rescue in order to timely save manpower and properties of Vietsovpetro, protect environment and handle the emergency incidents occurring on Vietsovpetro’s facilities.

    Safety training, advanced training of working skills and language for Vietsovpetro’s employees.

    Maintainance, Testing and Inspection of firefighting equipment and systems, breathing apparatuses.

    Provision of above - mentioned services to external clients.

Capabilities and Facilities:

Safety and Environment Protection Division (SEPD) has 130 professional employees who have many years of practical working experience and high level of foreign language like Russian and English and well-equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment in order to be able to conduct division’s works and services.


Safety and Environment Protection Division is currently achieved the following quality management certificates: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified by DNV; Certificate for maintenance, repairing and inspection of firefighting systems onboard vessels and breathing apparatuses certified by VIRES and DNV; License for safety training in Circular 27/2013 by Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Welfare.


Provision of Services:

With the team of professional and highly experienced employees and state-of-the-art equipment, tools and facilities, Safety and Environment Protection Division can provide following services to Clients:


    Safety inspection and supervision of the compliance with the safety procedures on offshore facilities;

    Emergency response and rescue to blowout, fire, oil spill, etc.

    Safety, anti-blowout, firefighting and environment protection trainings for oil and gas exploration and production activities;

    Advance training of working skills.

    Language training (Russian, English).

    Technical inspection, maintenance and repair of portable firefighting equipment, breathing apparatuses, and firefighting systems onboard vessels.

    Working in limited space.

    Well control.

Clients – Projects:

Safety and Environment Protection Division is currently providing services for the following clients: Hoang Long – Hoan Vu JOC, Premier Oil Offshore Vietnam B.V, Thang Long JOC, Korean National Oil Company Vietnam. Petrosetco, Petroshipyard, Lilama 18, Tradaco, etc.​