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Address: 105 Le Loi, Thang Nhi Ward, Vung Tau City, Vietnam

Telephone: 84.254.3839857 Ext. 2274/2347           Fax: 0254.356337

Main Activities:

•   To draft, inspect the implementation of, and propose solutions to effectively execute the exploration, exploitation and field construction plans;

•  To study geological structures, determine the existence of hydrocarbons, its scale and characteristics to support field development plans;

•  To study and apply modern technology and techniques to offshore production drilling, oil & gas collection, treatment, transportation and storage under offshore condition;

•  To study and apply modern technology and techniques in technical & technological design methods, construction plans, and cost estimation for construction and repair cost of offshore facilities

Capabilities and Facilities:
Technical equipment
All subsidiary departments of the Science Research & Engineering institute are equipped with powerful software module operated computers to help calculate technical parameters in a fast and efficient way. The lab experiments are performed with specialized equipment that help minimize inaccuracy and maximize efficiency in research and studies. The Science Research & Engineering institute also employs the state-of-the-art Workstation for processing the geological and geo-physical data.
Information technology is applied to all activities of the Science Research & Engineering institute with the use of international commercial software in production calculations such as CMG used in field development, IOLTEST, and PANSYSTEM used in processing well study data. HYSYS is used in waste collection and treatment technology. The design and engineering sectors are supported with load calculation software CEASAR, and STAAD for integrity calculation, as well as many other software programs such as GEOFRAME, CEMCADE, QUESTOR, RMS, BASROC, SEAM, BOCAD, AUTO CAD, OLGA, OFFPIPE, STAAD PRO, SACS, and SAGE PROFILE.
The Science Research & Engineering institute employs a team of many PhDs, experienced and leading experts who have greatly contributed to the development of the national oil & gas industry.

Application of ISO-9001 provided and approved by Bureau Veritas.
Provision of Services:

•   To conduct research, exploration, and evaluate the size of oil reserves;

•   To design, inspect, and optimize field development;

•   To conduct research and develop drilling and well work-over technology;

•   To conduct research and develop technology applicable to offshore production drilling, oil & gas recovery and collection, treatment, and transportation;

•  To develop designs, calculate construction and repair cost for onshore/offshore facilities;

•  To design oil & gas exploration plans;

•  To propose solutions to environment protection and safety measures for offshore facilities;

•  To develop long-term and short-term field development plans;

• To analyze core samples, oil samples, water samples, gas samples, drilling fluids and chemicals and corrosion proof samples;

• To design field construction technology;

• To design subsea cables;

• To develop implementation engineering plans; anti-corrosion plans.
Partners – Projects:
The Science Research & Engineering Institute has successfully completed hundreds of scientific studies and designs.

The Science Research & Engineering Institute discovered and organized effective production for a series of oil fields, including White Tiger, Dong Nam Rong, Bac Trung Tam Rong, Dong Rong, Nam Trung Tam Rong, Nam Rong – Doi Moi belonging to Vietsovpetro. The most significant and effective project the Science Research & Engineering Institute has conducted was the research and discovery of oil in White Tiger's granite basement – a unique phenomenon in the world and successfully produced and recovered more than 100 million tons of oil and tens of billion cubic meters of associated gas. This achievement not only brought enormous economic value to Vietsovpetro but also contributed greatly to the world's oil and gas science field.
In recent years, the Science Research & Engineering Institute has been focusing on finding solutions to maintain stable production from Dragon, White Tiger fields as well as exploring new oil fields for Vietsovpetro. The Science Research & Engineering Institute has completed many important projects such as calculating dissolved oil and gas reserves, designed production technology and developed fields belonging to Block 09-1, 09-3, 04-3, discovered and begun production in new fields/areas such as Gau Trang, Tho Trang, Dong Bac and Nam Bach Ho…
Also, the Science Research & Engineering Institute has completed many science research topics and survey, design, forecast projects as well as conducted analysis on thousands of samples, missions of national importance. The Science Research & Engineering Institute is also the training center for many experts – not only for Vietsovpetro but also for other oil and gas companies; organized dozens of training courses, oil and gas scientific seminars nationally and internationally.

Important projects performed for clients:

1.       Designing DK Platforms for the Department of Defense.

2.       Gas recovery in Dragon and Nam Rong – Doi Moi fields for PVGAS. ​