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Head office: 65/1 Avenue 30/4, Thang Nhat Ward, Vung Tau, Vietnam

Telephone: 84-254.3839871/2 Ext: 3488    Fax: 84-254.3839857/3838655

Email:      Website:

Main Activities
The Well Logging & Testing Division's main activities include well logging, mud logging, advanced security system, perforation, Fishing, Well testing, Well clean-up and production logging.

Capabilities and Facilities
The LTD currently consists of nearly 300 staff working in 7 departments, centers and in 21 teams, workshops. This is a team of highly trained and experienced management personnel, experts and technicians who more than 70% have bachelor degrees in various fields and possess international certifications.

The LTD has performed logging activities in over 450 exploration and production wells for Vietsovpetro. Material quality coefficient is always ensured to be over 0.90.  

The LTD is managing an onshore service base with state-of-the-art equipment including 4 Halliburton's down-hole logging & survey stations, 2 Huanding's open hole logging systems, 6 Karats and Russian new-generation system for mud logging simultaneously in 11 platforms, the Sondex and Computalog, Wireline Mast equipment for the work of the production inspection teams, the new-generation Geoservices equipment ALS-02, ALS-03 for the work of the well testing team, equipment from Halliburton, PowerWell, World Oil Tools,  document process software by Halliburton, Kappa, Senergy, and Schlumburger. Other than that, the LTD also possesses Avalon Science Vertical Seismic Survey System, oil saturation after casing gauging equipment.

Application of safety, health, environment management system ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001.

Provision of Services:
Below are some of the services provided by the LTD:

  • Wireline logging in exploratory and production wells;
  • Mud logging;
  • Production logging and casing/tubing inspection;
  • Perforation and Well testing;
  • Well data processing and interpretations ;
  • Storage of radiation sources and explosion materials.

    The Well Logging & Testing Division has successfully completed different services in geophysical survey, perforation, and well testing for the clients such as PVEP, PVEP POC, PIDC, Cuu Long JOC, VRJ, Petronas Caligari, JVPC, KNOC and others.