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Address: 105 Le Loi, Thang Nhi Ward, Vung Tau City, Vietnam

Telephone: 84.254.3839871 Fax: 0254.3839857 Ext. 2020

Date of establishment: July 13th, 1982
Main Activities:

• Research and develop IT and telecommunication projects for Joint Venture Vietsovpetro.

• Develop, operate, administrate IT and telecommunication infrastructure, the database and information processing systems, the application module of business management systems, and dedicated software programs for processing geological data, drilling and production of fields, research and design oil and gas  facilities for Vietsovpetro;

• Organize and manage the internet and telecommunication activities for Vietsovpetro;

• Develop,  use, receive and transfer the application of specialized  IT product in oil & gas for Vietsovpetro;

• Ensure safe installation and operation of IT systems and telecommunication on offshore facilities of Vietsovpetro;

• Provide consulting services, design, receive and transfer of technology and in the field of IT and telecommunication for clients in-house and outside of –Joint Venture Vietsovpetro;

Capabilities and Facilities:

The center has a team of highly qualified and experienced personnel in the field of IT and telecommunication.

Currently, the center is managing and operating the entire IT and modern telecommunication system to serve business & production activities of Vietsovpetro, including:

• Internet infrastructure network, telephone with large-scale connection between the head quarter with other divisions and offshore facilities (rigs, drilling rigs, FSOs, supply vessels...)

• Satellite communication system connecting onshore and offshore facilities.

• Microwave with broadband system on offshore facilities.

• Radio communication systems between onshore and offshore facilities.

• Modern Data Centers in accordance with international standards.

• Specialized servers system and storage devices.

• Repairing equipment centers with full facilities and specialized modern tools such as digital gauges, calibration machine, analyzer...


·      Quality Management system: ISO 9001: 2008.

·      The experts of the center have many international certificates, diplomas of leading solution vendors such as HP, CISCO, MICROSOFT, ORACLE, SUNSYSTEM, INTERGRAPH, SR-TELECOM, VERSO TECHNOLOGY, GAI-TRONICS, TOA, ZENITEL;

·      GOC Certificate

Provision of Services:

a. Consulting, design and implementation integration system solutions including:

• The infrastructure of IT networks;

• Satellite communication systems, radio communication system,     broadband microwave system;

• Network security system;

• Online conferencing systems, SCADA;

• Database center;

• Concurrent processing system serving geological research and mining model;

• IT and telecommunication solutions for the offshore petroleum projects.

b. Provide consulting, developing application software services including:

• Enterprise resource administration system ORACLE ERP;

• Software and database specialized in oil and gas sector;

• Business management software;

• Other software.

c. Maintenance, repair IT and telecommunication system, especially for offshore O&G facilities.

d. Provide human resources operating the IT and telecommunication system on offshore O&G facilities.

Partner - Project:

The Centre collaborates with partners whom are solution providers and have representative in Vietnam (Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, NetApp, INTERGRAPH, DELL, HP, Thaicom, SR TELECOM, GAI-TRONICS, TOA, ZENITEL ...) and domestic partners (FPT, VINASAT, VNPT, MOBIFONE, VIETTEL, HIPT, SUNVIET ...). The Center has successfully implemented the following projects:

• Design, install IT and telecommunication infrastructure for Vietsovpetro.

• Provide maintenance service for IT and telecommunication systems for Ca Ngu Vang field of Hoan Vu JOC, Nam Rong Doi Moi, VRJ, Te Giac Trang -Hoang Long JOC, Hai Su Trang / Den -Thang Long JOC, JVPC, Bien Dong POC.

• Services for Data Transmission SCADA for PVGAS-SE.

• Design and install information systems for FSO PTSC Bach Ho, FPSO Hoang Long JOC.