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Head office: 67 Avenue 30/04, Thang Nhat Ward, Vung Tau city, Vietnam

Telephone​:    (0254) 3834169; (064) 3839871 – Ext. 3260

Fax: (0254) 3 839 857 – Ext. 3761; 3026


Armed Security Team was established on July 9th, 1982.

Main Activities:

     Administer the surveillance and security patrol, property and social-orders guard, protection of VSP’s assets and business operations.

     Co-ordinate with the police and local army to enforce the regulations on oil and gas security and protection. Act as the key factor in building the movement of national security.

     Co-ordinate with other VSP’s departments and subsidiaries to enforce the regulations on fire-fighting and anti-terrorist plans upon ordered. 

Capabilities and facilities:

     Armed Security Team with over 120 professional and experienced staffs in the field of political security and protection of social orders for businesses and offices, especially in key national objectives such as Petroleum Ports and Onshore Technical Bases.

     Effectively organize and administer all type of protection plans, with separated objectives, especially objectives in complicated political security and disturbed social-order area.

     Beside completing VSP’s protection objectives, Armed Security Team also increase the intensity of armed-force, strengthen the surveillance and security patrol to ensure absolute safety and protection for sites serviced outside of VSP and provided by VSP’s subsidiaries.


Quality Management System: ISO 9001-2015

Products – Services:

Administer the surveillance and security patrol at VSP’s onshore facilities, including:

     VSP Ports (Production and Technical Services Base area and water-border)

     Research and Development establishments, document storage, workshops, warehouse, fabrication yard

     Office Buildings at VSP’s Head Quarter and Subsidiaries.

     Explosives Warehouse

     Safety Training Center

     Administer security and safety check for staffs and goods on changing shifts at Vung Tau Airport (Helicopter), VSP Port

(VSP Express)

     Administer random security check for materials, equipment shipped to offshore facilities and D.O importing – exporting

at VSP Port

Administer security guard at VSP’s main gates (105 Le Loi, VSP Port) and operation of patrol cano.​