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Head office: 15 Le Quang Dinh Street, Thang Nhat Ward, Vung Tau City, S.R. Vietnam
Telephone: 84-254.3839871/2 – Ext  5854
Fax: 84.254.3 61 67 55

Mechanical and Energy Division was established on 23rd June, 1983.
Main Activities:
•    Operation and maintenance of the energy blocks on onshore and offshore facilities; Operation the gas turbine of Water injection system on offshore facilities.
•     Power production and supply for onshore & offshore facilities.
•     Maintenance, repair and overhaul of oil and gas drilling, production equipment and tools and power equipment such as: valves, X'mas tree, lifting equipment, electrical and explosion-proof electrical equipment, etc.
•     Electrical testing service;
•     Installation and commissioning of O&G and energy equipment and system.
•     Machining and fabrication of spare parts and components, as well as lifting slings.   
•     Production and supply of Oxygen and Nitrogen.
Capabilities and Facilities:
Mechanical and Energy Division is now having over 600 employees, 09 function departments, 05 onshore manufacturing workshops, 16 mechanical and energy boards on offshore facilities with 250 employees having university and higher eduction and 350 well-educated workers. Our workforce are trained and acquiring qualifications from domestic and international competent authority and organizations such as: SOLAR/USA, CATERPILLAR, CUMMINS, MTU, DRESSER RAND, BOSIET, OPITO, etc.
•     Dynamic balancing equipment for rotating parts weighting from 20kg to 3,000kg.
•     Testing for Multistage Centrifugal Pumps with power up to 210 kW, capacity up to 500m3/h and Max. Press up to 100 bars accordance with API 610 certified by DNV.
•     Testing laboratory for gas compressor with power up to 100kW, capacity up to 300m3/h, pressure of 25 bar.
•     The only testing system in Vietnam for submersible pumps certified by DNV in compliance with DIN 1944 standard; having capability to test pumps with power up to 315kW, capacity up to 900m3/h and max. head up to 150m.
•     Repairing supporting tool for valves with pressure up to 20,000 PSI and diameter up to 40 inches.
•     Special tool and equipment for inspection, maintenance and repairing for offshore pesdestal crane: load cell, wated bag up to 35T.
•    Arc spray system using HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) for receovering damaged machinery parts and components.
•    Hydraulic press 1500 tons, 3000 tons, Hydric cable testing system 250 tons for manufacturinf lifting sling up to 76 mm diameter.
•    Special tools for overhaul, maintenance and repair of all types diesel engines & gas turbines: Video Borescope (Everest -XLG3, Olympus IPLEX SA); Vibration Analyzer, Dynamic Balancing machines: CSI 2130, CMVA 60 – EN; ET (Electronic Testing) for Caterpillar diesel engine; Laser alignment tool  (Easy laser D525 , E950); Shot blasting machine; Rocken 20TS ; Governor test stand VMU-II; NDT, MPI,PT;
•    Testing laboratory for diesel engine with power up to 1,400 kW.   
•    Modern electric laboratory is certified with VILAS 215 in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 standard.
•    Workshop for repairing and overhauling of electrical equipment in compliance with IEC 60079-19 standard certified by Germanisher Lloyd (presently known as DNV-GL).
•   Electric AC & DC Motor Testing System
•   Testing systems for power generators with power up to 1,500 kW.
•   Machines, equipment for mechanical fabrication: 02 CNC lathes including  CNC-CTX400E-V3 and CTX-410; 01 CNC milling machine CNC- DMU60T and 08 digital control machines; 20 lathes, 14 boring machines, 05 milling machines, 04 planing machines, 14 grinders, etc.
Mechanical and Energy Division is currently applying the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, Occupational Health and Safety System OHSAS 18001 and environment protection ISO 14001.
What's more, Mechanical and Energy Division obtain different certificates for particular services as following:
•    ASME VIII Certificate for Pump and Compressor testing system issued by DNV.
•    DIN 1944 Standard Certificate for the Testing Laboratory of submersible pump issued by DNV;
•    VILAS 215 Certicate for Electrical Laboratory in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025;
•    IEC 60079-19 Certificate for Repair and Overhaul of Electrical Apparatus issued by Germanisher Lloyd (presently known as DNV-GL);
•    British Standard BS EN 13414:2003 Certificate for wire rope issued by DNV. Chng chỉ công nhận chất lượng sản phẩm cáp cẩu hàng phù hợp tiêu chuẩn "British Standard BS EN 13414:2003";
•     VILAS 880 Certificate of Compliance for testing valves, X'mas tree equioment, loading equipment in compliance with IEC 17025-2005 standard. 
Provision of services:
Operation and Maintenance services for energy system on offshore and onshore facilities:
•      Operation, maintenance and repair of diesel generator and gas turbine generator complexs, transmissing and distributing network of electricity, power consumption devices on onshore and offshore facilities.

Maintenance, repair and overhaul of oil and gas equipment such as: various kinds of pumps, valves, drilling equipment,
•      HVOF coating services for damaged machinery components.
•      Dynamic balancing for rotor, propeller, etc. with the parameter up to 1,9m, length up to 2,9m and the weight up to 10,000 kg.  

Maintenance, repair and overhaul service for dynamic equipment such as: diesel engines, gas turbine, piston gas compressor, screw compressor, centrifugal compressor, offshore cranes,

Electrical Services:
•   Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul all type of electric motors and generators with power up to 4000kW, the voltage up to 6.3 kv
•    Electrical service workshop equipped with special tools to maintenance and repair explosion-proof equipment in accordance with IEC 60079-19, certified by GERMANISCHER LLOYD.
•    Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul all type of Transformer with power up to 1600 kVA, voltage up to 6.3kV
•    Installation, restoration of electrical equipment on Power station block.
•    Repair and manufacturer of electrical distribution cabinets, electrical controls cabinets and start system.
•    Testing and calibration electric systems and equipment using modern testing equipment.
Machining service:
•    Design and fabrication of spare parts in oil and gas drilling and production equipment, spare parts for pumps, compressors, diesel engines; Fabrication of parts with large diameter up to 2,300mm and weight up to 3,000 kg.
•   Design, fabrication, installation and repair of metal structures;
•   Design, fabrication, installation of process and utilities skid
•   Design, fabrication, installation of in let and exhaust duct , radiator cover for gas turbine and diesel
•   Fabrication, repair and recovery of heat exchangers. 
•   Fabrication of hydraulic pipe with diameters up to 2½ inches.

Other products, services:
•    Fabrication of wire rope with diameter up to 76mm, CQ certified by DNV.
•    Production and supply of Oxygen and Nitrogen gases.

Clients - Projects:
Several typical projects that Mechanical and Energy Division is providing to oil and gas operators in Vietnam include:
•    Repairing, testing and provision of certificate for explosion – proof electrical motors from 0.75 kW to 350 kW for almost oil and gas operators in Vietnam.
•    Overhaul, maintenance and repair at site for generatos from 100 kVA to 4,800 kVA for PVEP POC, Cuu Long JOC, KNOC, JVPC, HLHV JOC, etc. 
•   Repair of electrical motor from 2,200 kW for PVEP POC, Cuu Long JOC, KNOC, JVPC, POVO, PV Trans, NCSP, etc. 
•   Provision of overhaul and repair service of gas turbine such as SOLAR: Mars-100, Taurus-70, Taurus-90, Saturn 20, TB-5000 for PVEP-POC, CL JOC, PPS, KNOC, Primier Oil;
•   24,000-hour maintenance for gas turbine TB5000 (Siemens) on DH-01 platform of PVEP POC.
•   Provision of maintenance, repair and overhaul service for submersible pumps of all Vietnamese oil and gas companies such as PVD, PVEP POC, Bien Dong POC, JVPC, Rosneft. 
•   Provision of maintenance, repair and periodic inspection of sea cranes for PCVL, Cuu Long JOC, HLHV JOC, Bien Dong POC. ​