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Address: No. 2 Pasteur Street, Ward 7, Vung Tau city, S.R Vietnam
Tel: 84.254.3838662 Ext  8379
Fax:84.254.3839857 Ext   8306

The Medical Service Center was established in 1982.
Main activities:
·      Provision of holistic and well-rounded healthcare services for Vietsovpetro's personnel and their families
·      Provision of offshore emergency services
·      Conduct occupational health assurance missions including: disease prevention plans and solutions, community sanitation, industrial sanitation, nutrition sanitation, HIV/AIDS and smoking prevention services.
·      Provision of medical services, periodic medical check-ups for customers in and out of oil and gas industry.
Capabilities and Facilities:
The Medical Service Center consists of skilled and experienced staffs who currently manage 17 medical stations on offshore facilities and 2 medical units on vessels, 15 departments, specialized departments and 4 function rooms. With advanced equipment and facilities paralleling provincial hospitals and the staff of experienced doctors, the Medical Service Center possesses all the conditions of experiences, expertise and jurisdiction to provide medical care, identify occupational health hazards for individuals and organizations requiring the services.

Annually, the Centre records 150,000 cases of medical consultations and treatment, conducts hundred thousands of laboratory sample tests, digestive endoscopy, X-rays, CT-scanner, MRI, and mammography with the team of experienced doctors and specialists, and state-of-the-art equipment.

The Medical Service Center is equipped with modern medical equipment such as:
·      Diagnostic Imaging: Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine (MRI) of 1.5 Tesla; CT Scanner - Scan 64 slices; Digital X-ray machines - brightening; Dental camera; Mammography machine; Bone mineral gauges; Color fundus camera; Color ultrasound, 3D ultrasound, 4D ...
·      Tests: Laboratory specialized in hematology, biochemistry, microbiology, immunology and molecular biology.
·      Functions exploration:  gastroduodenal endoscopy system, colonoscopy, diagnostic orientation computer, ECG monitors, brain power gauges; complete audiometer; respiratory function tester.
·      Pressurized oxygen therapy system.
·      Dialysis system.
·      ENT system examination and treatment with modern machinery such as soft endoscope, fundus photography.
·      Faculty of Oriental Medicine - Rehabilitation: treatment of polio patients, musculoskeletal surgery including brain surgery.
·      Operation rooms with modern surgical equipment and anesthetic.
·      Emergency rooms are fully equipped with modern appliances such as electric shock machine, ventilator, monitoring system.
·      Emergency vehicles: The Centre is fitted with 5 ambulances, including 02 dedicated ambulances to ensure emergency out-of-hospital aid and emergency transportation.
Application of ISO 9001-2008 and safety, health and environment management system OHSAS 18001:2007.
·      Outpatient check-up and treatment: including specialized fields: general internal check-up; General external check-up; pathological injuries; transmission of dermatology diseases;  Dentomaxillo facial; ENT; Oriental medicine - Rehabilitation; High-pressure oxygen therapy, artificial kidneys; Gynecological; Children.
·      Physical exams for pre-recruitment; recruitment; periodic; driver; occupational disease; labor exports; as required; thematic. Special examinations for crew certification, certification to work on offshore facilities, health care for professionals and divers working at 90m water depth.
·      The Medical Service Center is in cooperation with other hospitals, medical facilities conducting advanced technology such as: Pha-co surgeries, implantations, arthroscopic surgery, stroke treatment techniques.
·      Provide health education and communication, first aid training on site, factory.
Partners – Projects:
The Medical Service Center often collaborates with top-tier hospitals such as Cho Ray hospital, Gia Dinh People's hospital, Bach Mai hospital, 108 hospital and pharmaceutical universities nationwide.