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​Joint Venture Vietsovpetro has identified Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) as fundamental and foremost elements to ensure sustainable development, especially in such a high-risk high-reward field as petroleum exploration and production. Throughout 35 years of constant development, Vietsovpetro has continuously improved HSE policies, accumulated capabilities, built-up models and organizational structure of HSE management system with many outstanding features, which in turn rewarded Vietsovpetro with impressive achievements in HSE activities.
I. Policy
Vietsovpetro always placed a priority in ensuring that all production activities of Vietsovpetro is done in a state of Safety, Health and Environmental-friendly.
Vietsovpetro establishes, develops and maintains a Safety Management System, Health, and Environment to ensure:
1. HSE Policy is created for employees of Vietsovpetro, contractors and employees who are involved in the petroleum production activities of Vietsovpetro.
2. Work Plan, and all other HSE documents - instructions are created under a single point of view: HSE Policy is valued equally to other business and production activities.
3. Responsibilities to comply to HSE Policy not only apply to Vietsovpetro's employees but also to all Vietsovpetro's customers and contractors.
4. As prerequisites for all operational processes, all Vietsovpetro's employees must comply with the standards and safety rules outlined in HSE Policy and other relevant regulations by Vietnamese and international Laws.
5. Pollution prevention from all Vietsovpetro's production activities.
To implement these commitments, Vietsovpetro will:
1. Comply to the provisions of Vietnamese Laws, HSE regulations and international agreements in all Vietsovpetro's production activities.
2. Adhere to all policies and procedures outlined by Vietsovpetro.
3. Perform all necessary measures to improve working conditions and health safety for workers and prevent environmental pollution.
4. Report fully and correctly the course of the accidents, incidents, and immediately apply measures to prevent similar accidents, incidents.
5. Require all contractors to deploy and implement the Work Plan in accordance with Vietsovpetro's applicable HSE documents – instruction.
II. Capability:
1. Training
- Training for groups of 02 and 03, in accordance with Circular 27/2013 of the Ministry of Labor - Veteran - Social Affairs.
- Training T-BOSIET in accordance with OPITO standards.
- Blow-out Prevention Training, Safety Engineer, Lifeboat Team, Oil Spill Rescue Teams, drilling-wells control in accordance with IWCF standards.
- Training to promote higher working-level in petroleum exploration and production.
2. Maintenance and repair of safety equipment
- Inspection, maintenance and repair of chemical-powdered fire extinguishers, CO2; fixed water, foam fire-fighting systems, and CO2 volume fire-fighting systems.
- Inspection and maintenance of isolated air-compressed breathing apparatus.
- Maintenance and testing of 300-liters insole gas cylinders.
3. Incident Rescue:
- Blow-out Prevention
- Chemical and Oil-Spill response.
- Fire-fighting, human rescue in the incident.
III. Model of HSE Management System
IV. HSE Management System Organizational Structure:
V. HSE Management System Outstanding Features:
Vietsovpetro ensures that the implementation of HSE Management System is synchronized, coherent and unified from the Board of Directors to each employee. Director and Chief Engineer from all subsidiaries are encouraged to participate in HSE Council, who regularly conducts inspection on the HSE status, fire-fighting prevention, industrial hygiene and environmental protection on Vietsovpetro's offshore facilities, vessels, and also evaluate HSE knowledge from leaders and technical staff.
Vietsovpetro entrusts the HSE Department in Head Quarter- direct advisor to the Board of Directors in the HSE Management – to actively co-ordinate, organize the implementation and enforcement of HSE policy. Departments or divisions in charge of HSE are also structured at Vietsovpetro's subsidiaries. Over 180 staffs are now officially working with HSE Policy for Vietsovpetro.
Vietsovpetro also have a Safety and Environmental Protection Center, the responsible unit for Safety and Environmental Protection, with over one hundred officers and resources to handle incident prevention, occupational accidents and environmental pollution, rescues (fire, blow-out, oil-spills and human rescue) in the incidents on Vietsovpetro's facilities and advanced training in HSE knowledge, skills, safety and protection for workers.
With the aims to constantly refine HSE Management and to meet increasingly strict requirements in legal context and by its partners, Vietsovpetro has constructed and applied Quality Management System ISO 9001, Occupational Health and Safety according to OHSAS 18001 and Environmental Protection according to ISO 14001. Currently Vietsovpetro and Vietsovpetro's subsidiaries have applied Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001 in all operations. Many subsidiaries have integrated all three (03) certificates in their operations (Oil and Gas Production Enterprise, Drilling and Well Work-over Enterprise; Medical Center; Port Services and Material Supply Enterprise; Marine Transportation and Diving Enterprise, Mechanical and Electrical Repair Enterprise; Safety and Environmental Protection Center). Some have two (02) integrated systems: ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 (Fabrication, Installation, Inspection and Repair Enterprise; Gas Facilities Management Enterprise). Since 2009, Vietsovpetro has introduced Safety Training Observation Program (STOP) to immediately and effectively support HSE Management, engage the entire human resource to involve in the prevention of occupational accidents and incidents.
Environmental protection: Vietsovpetro committed and complied to the provisions of Law. Vietsovpetro has always selected environmental-friendly technology/ machinery and invested in environmental protection activities right from the engineering and construction stage, especially constructions for offshore facilities. Vietsovpetro is now equipped with proper tools/ equipment to support environmental protection while minimizing the adverse impacts on the marine environment.
Waste management is an area where even stricter law and regulations applied. Until now, Vietsovpetro's waste management policy, particularly hazardous waste has always met the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act. In addition to contractors hired to dispose the waste by combustion method, from 2011 Vietsovpetro has selected more contractors specialized in handling shell drums, oil-waste and used batteries to recycle, recovery.
In compliance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act, from 1995 until now Vietsovpetro has made 24 reports of environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the field development planning, investing in onshore constructions and commitment / environmental protection plan for drilling campaigns. Pursuant to the approved EIA, from 1995 until now, every year Vietsovpetro has periodically undertaken environmental monitoring program for offshore and onshore facilities (2 times / year for onshore and 2 -3 years / times for offshore). The program aims to test, compare and detect changes that adversely impact the environment, to promptly find the cause and draw-out corrective plans. Obtained results show that the environmental indicators in the surveyed area is still under control.
Emergency preparation and response: The incident rescue teams frequently practiced rescuing all kinds of trouble on offshore facilities. Currently, with professional and skilled staffs; equipment coupled with the application of specialized software, Vietsovpetro is always ready to promptly and effectively respond to incidents that occur on Vietsovpetro's operating areas. Over the years, Vietsovpetro not only perform rescue incidents on its facilities, but also provide emergency response services to the oil and gas industry and repeatedly support in budget, personnel and resources to oil-spill response activities in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, effectively contribute to oil-spill response activities for the Southern region.
VI. Achievements
In its history and development, Vietsovpetro has repeatedly reached the milestone of 5-million, 6-million, 7-million, 8-million, 9-million continuous safety hours, with no labor accident. The 9-million continuous safety hours' record was established on March 1st, 2010 for the first time in history and was restored a second time on January 11th, 2016.
Particularly in the field of Safety - Health - Environment, Vietsovpetro has received many awards and honors by Government Agencies including: 01 Merit by Chairman of Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province in 2015, 06 Merits by the Minister of Industry and Commerce (from 2009 to present), 01 Awards by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment (2011). Also, Vietsovpetro has been awarded by the General Confederation of Labor, PetroVietnam with outstanding unit merit, many other awards for groups and individuals who have made outstanding achievements in Safety - Health health - Environment.
In 2013, Society for Nature and Environment of Vietnam recognized that Vietsovpetro has reached all "For National Environment" criteria for the first time.