Welding Lincolns made in USA. Include:
5Sets of LT7 tractors(SAW), 10Sets of Tig 255,  8sets of NA3, NA4, NA5 boom mounted singleTwin arc saw heads,  3sets of LN25 wire feeders. 8Sets of  DC400 rectifiers. 25Sets of DC600 rectifiers. 15Sets of N9 wire feeders. 8Sets of LN23 wire Feeders.
Welding Kemppis made in Finland. Include:
30Sets of Master 3500. 20Sets of PS 5000/FU. 10Sets Tig 2500
Welding ESAB LCF1200/LCF2400/A3-A6 made in Sweden 5/2/2sets.
Inverter _V300I and DeltaWel 402/I11A made in USA - 30/5sets.
Dyna Auto XC500/CM2302 made in Japan -4sets

- DIMENSIONAL CONTROLTotal station TC500 (with software). Theodolite dalta010, Sokkia. TCA2003. TCR702.TC703. TCR303, Automatic level. Laser Plane. Levels : Made in Switzerland, Germany,  Japan, USA .

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