Ex. : TITAN 01
Type of Vessel : Crane Transport Vessel
Built in/by :
Port of registry : SAIGON
Lifting capacity: 600T

Built in Finland, launched in 1984 and trasnfered to Vietsovpetro in 1986. From 1990, Truong Sa vessel has officially operated in vessel team of Enterprise and change into Truong Sa. Vessel is designed by features of project vessel serving installation, maintenance and repair oil projects. Especially, the crane of vessel is controlled by electronics with high quality to help the activities safe and quick including 1 hook 20T; 2 hooks 300T*300T (600T) spread to 35m; 150T up to 69m that helps the installation of projects such as drilling tower, putting pile tube favorably. Besides, all systems other machines are designed and installed by level 1 automatic standard and always monitored by the International register.

Now, Truong Sa Vessel has total 46 cadres of shipman. Although through ups and downs of sea, but the collective of shipman cadre of Truong Sa Vessel unites, always consider "the vessel home, sea homeland", will strive to fulfill the construction of oil projects. Truong Sa Vessel has always fulfilled its duty, ensured athe doctorolute safety of technical capacity of vessel, safety of man and means.

The collective of shipman cadre of Truong Sa Vessel has constantly strived, put the their whole capacity to carry out excellent every duty, has always been adequate to model vessel of enterprise, contributes to the building of strong vessel team and Joint-venture enterprise, developing oil field is adequate to leading branch in the economic development of country.

Vessel Particulars
Free board
Passenger carried
Light Draft
Number of Derricks
Dead weight
Gross tonnage
Net tonnage
Loaded Draft
139.10 m
124.36 m
36.00 m
5.008 m
54 person
4 m
X 1A1
3343 DWT
19504 GT
5851 NT
10 m/h
4.00 m
M.E. Power
Type of Generator
Number & Capacity

Crane revolved
Lifting capacity
3 x 2516 HP
3 x 300
2 x 11000
6 x 10000 Kgs
2 x 1700 Kw

2 x 300 Tons, 26 - 35 m
1x 150 Tons, 29.8 - 69 m
1 x 20 Tons

Hook 300T x 2
  Capacity Luffing "H" lifting of hook
Max 600T 26 - 35m from 80.5m to 76m
Min 150T 66.5m 26.5m
Hook 150T
  Capacity Luffing "H" lifting of hook
Max 150T 29.8m - 69m from 92.7m to 60m
Min 50T 76.5m 26.5m
- Max speed of lifting 300T cargo no more than 3m/min
- In lifting speed 6m/min capacity of 300T hook reduces to 50%.
- Max speed of lifting 150T cargo no more than 6m/min.
- In lifting speed 12m/min capacity of 150T reduces to 50%.

105 Lê Lợi, Phường Thắng Nhì, Thành phố Vũng Tàu, Tỉnh Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu, Việt Nam
Điện thoại: +84.64.3839 871Fax: +84.64.3839857